Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One hundred and one WAYS to cope with Stress.

* Watch the sunrise.
*Get up earlier.
*Cuddle a cat.
*Play with the dog.
*Don't know all the answers.
*Say something nice.
*Teach a child to fly a kite.
*Walk in the rain.
*Schedule play time.
*Say NO more often.
*Believe in yourself.
*Stop talking negatively.
*Visualise yourself succeeding.
*Develop a sense of humor.
*Prepare ahead.
*Have goals.
*Ask a friend for a hug.
*Breathe slowly.
*Enjoy art.
*Praise others.
*Write it down.
*Indulge in a daydream.
*Set appointments.
*Duplicate your face on a photocopier.
*Make duplicate keys.
*Set priorities.
*Simplify meals.
*Turn on four favorite tunes.
*Copy important papers.
*Prepare for rain.
*Tickle a baby.
*Look for the silver lining.
*Avoid chemical aids.
*Throw a paper airplane.
*Take a bubble bath.
*Say hello to a stranger.
*Whistle a tune.
*Read a poem.
*Watch a ballet.
*Do something new.
*Quit trying to fix others.
*Buy a flower.
*Smell the flower.
*Break down large tasks.
*Look at problems as challenges.
*Make mud pies.
*Play soccer with a roll of toilet paper.
*Find support.
*Find a "vent-partner".
*Be optimistic.
*Put safety first.
*Do things in moderation.
*Strive for excellence, not perfection.
*Remember, stress is an attitude.
*Stretch your limits.
*Play with your food.
*Hum a jingle.
*Feed the birds.
*Use time wisely.
*Avoid negative people.
*Practice grace.
*Go for a walk.
*Listen to the wind.
*Have a "plan B".
*Learn a joke.
*Know your feelings.
*Meet your needs.
*Know your limits.
*Squeeze jello between your to us.
*Learn a new song.
*Play with a child.
*Go on a picnic.
*Putter in the garden.
*Talk to uor plants.
*Keep it simple.
*Phone a far-away friend.
*Walk barefoot and wiggle your toes.
*Get to work earlier.
*Get help with jobs you dislike.
*Pay yourself a compliment.
*Leave work early.
*Watch a funny movie.
*Scream at a ball game.
*Eat a meal by candlelight.
*Get a back rub.
*Give a back rub.
*Keep a journal.
*Avoid tight clothes.
*Share a monster smile.
*Remember your options.
*Build a support network.
*Read a good book.
*Listen to a symphony.
*Talk less and listen more.
*Get enough sleep.
*Watch the sunset.

ref: unknow.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fabiola's weaver


Tejidos , tejidos y mas tejidos.

Ponchos, ponchos and more ponchos.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fire in the Ice.

A form of gas-rich ice trapped beneath the Arctic permafrost and underlying Canada's coast could become a major source of low emission fossil fuel over the next two decades, experts say, but only if Ottawa makes a long-term commitment to its development.
Called gas or methane hydrates, the volume of natural gas that can be produced from it may exceed all conventional sources of fossil fuels combined.
It's Canada's opportunity to lose, according to a report from the Council of Canadian Academies, which presented its findings at a conference yesterday in Vancouver.
"If Canada ignores gas hydrates all together, more damaging ways of meeting energy needs could be adopted, and Canada could lose out competitively to other countries, perhaps even to the point of having others exploit Canadian resources."

SOURCE: Toronto Star.

We Moving

Finally we have signed a new leasing contract, uff cost enough, but I am, is a duplex (that is to say, has 4 bedroom), with 2 bathrooms, one in first floor and the other in the basement, this located in ## Kennedy street, AB. Thanks to the management of my realtor, our Chilean friend, we achieved the objective. Considering our condition of neocanadien without commercial referent in Canada, it turns out very complicated to rent a house. We will be but near everything, buildings public, office post, library, bank, hight school, middle school, elementary school, etc, we will be near park ( to rain bicycles), a beautiful place, and many stores. We are seeing the form to lower to the suitcases and furniture from a second floor without having to lower them by hand one by one.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Noiman and Stefano

You look they future Hollywood's Actors.

Ya tenemos casa.

Por fin hemos firmado un nuevo BAIL (contrato de arriendo), uff costo bastante, pero resulto, es un duplex 6 1/2 (es decir, tiene 4 dormitorios), con 2 bagnos, uno en primer piso y el otro en el sous-sol (subterraneo), esta ubicada en la rue Ouimet en St-Jerome, QC. Gracias a la gestion de Tatiana, nuestra amiga brasilegna y Marcelo, un amigo chileno, logramos el objetivo. Considerando nuestra condicion de inmigrantes sin antecedentes comerciales en Canada, resulta muy complicado alquilar una propiedad. Estaremos mas cerca de todo, CEGEP (instituto superior para el estudio de idioma, entre otros), edificios publicos, correo, biblioteca, banco, etc, estaremos cerca de la ciclovia (unos 200 Km de pista exclusiva para bicicletas), un hermoso parque, con el solo inconveniente de que los supermercados no estan cerca, pero tanta maravilla junta era imposible, si.... .
Estamos viendo la forma de bajar las maletas y muebles desde un tercer piso sin tener que bajarlos por mano uno por uno. Se aceptan sugerencias, como sistemas de poleas, cuerdas, sabanas amarradas, canastos con helicoptero (a la chilena), etc.